Dim Zayan is a multidisciplinary artist and Bitcoin activist.

Dim believes in an expressionist renaissance as a complement to the sovereign individual. Through his work, he explores the meaning of freedom, the current transformation towards hyperbitcoinization and seeks to expose a new layer of sensibility over subjects deemed be otherwise emotionless such as finance or technology. He is also the author of Bulltardia, the Bitcoin fable published by Citadel21.

Dim cultivates eclecticism as a philosophy and draws his inspiration from many eras, styles and disciplines. He admires masters like Kooning, Carravagio, Otomo, Moebius, Hergé, Ditko, Rembrant, La Tour, Crumb, mcFarlane, el Greco, Dali, Appel, Cézanne, Doig, ancient Egypt and most of the delta Blues musicians.

When he is not making art, Dim shares artistic stories and thoughts about Bitcoin, freedom, permaculture, music, the esoteric, politics and spirituality. After living several decades in capital cities, Dim found peace living off-the-grid in the companionship of his wife and his wonderful dog, Bowie.

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