A New Kind of Kingdom

Bye bye old world, all your models are destroyed. The chimera of the 20th century can breath all the fiat fire from its gut. It won't affect us bulls anymore. Led by the Honey Badger of money, the plebs are free and Pepe is king. Welcome to a new era of financial independence and self sovereignty.

A New Kind of Kingdom is a symbol of freedom that illustrates the transformation of money to its ultimate state. From bull's flesh to Greek coinage to fiat, money as a means of exchange was always controlled by a central authority. For the first time, Bitcoin hands the true power of the financial system to its users.

A new kind of kingdom was originally auctioned on Scarce.city on May 2021

Materials: Oil, Acrylic, Posca Pens, Vintage National Geographic magazine paper and Banknotes on canvas

Dimensions: Triptych: 48” H x 108” W Central Panel : 48” x 48” Side Panels : 48” x 30”