Bitcoin Art Series by Dim Zayan



Acrylic on Vintage
National Geographic Magazine

~ 7" x 10"



Edition of 21

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The PLEB GEOGRAPHIC a.k.a PLEBS is a collection of personality types and an observation over the Bitcoin journey, how it changed us as human beings and what we felt along the way.

Through a series of portraits, the collection paints stories of joy, pain, endurance, passion, high hopes, successes and disappointment but first and foremost stories of freedom. I hope you'll see in these fun snippets a window to the heart and soul of the Bitcoin community.

Each portrait is painted over pages from vintage National Geographic magazines from the 40s and 50s. Forgotten stories of ancient civilizations and post-war industrialization are hijacked and repurposed to showcase our contemporary Bitcoin history.

The first series sold out during the Bitcoin Miami Conference, up at the auction are four of the sixteen portraits from the new series. Each piece comes framed and includes a digital version issued on Bitcoin (via Counterparty).

— Dim