The Bitcoin Voicepaper

The Voicepaper is a collaborative video recording of the Bitcoin whitepaper narrated by Bitcoiners. Each contributor recites a section from Satoshi’s document and pay their respect to what and who started it all.

This project is first and foremost a celebration of the Bitcoin community, of its strength and unity, as well as its broad diversity in backgrounds, origins and aspirations. It is a statement that Bitcoin belongs to everyone, and that the meaning of the “Vires in Numeris” motto is contextually as computational as it is human.

Feel free to download the video, share it and republish it at will. For an actual copy of the original whitepaper, please visit

We are all Satoshi.

The Voicepaper is part of House of WaaS, an art project series was created by artist Dim Zayan that explores and celebrates the emotional relationship between Bitcoin and individuals. It honours the original Bitcoin whitepaper's creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, who published it in 2008. Nakamoto disappeared, but his legacy is here to stay. The 159 orange-pilled and lazer-eyed Bitcoiners contributing to this video are, in order of appearance:


  • Daniel Prince - OG Smooth Talking
  • Sir Badders - Effortless Black belt Audio Curation
  • Richard James - Godlike Video Editing at ungodly hours
  • Dim Zayan - Conspiracy Charlie-like ideas and nonchalant production
  • Soulexporter - Lazer eye Logistics and Lucasarts level Special FX wizardy
  • Microchad - Community Kumbaya Expertise and Lipsync Magic
  • Stackmore - Pleb hunting and hounding that would put the Terminator to shame

Special Thanks

  • Samson Mow for spreading the word and helping making this happen
  • Daiv for giving that teaser the pro-touch it needed

This project is an unfunded voluntary effort.
Your patronage will support the team for similar future endeavors.